Collection: A Group Exibit | Spirits

Art Gotham is proud to present "Spirits," a captivating group art exhibit that will immerse art enthusiasts in a world of crimson, red, ruby colors and abstract expression. This exciting showcase features works of talented early and mid-career contemporary artists.  

Art Gotham, a prominent gallery nestled in the heart of Soho, is known for championing emerging talents and providing a platform for artists to exhibit their work. Founded by Kimberly Salib in 2005 in West Chelsea, the gallery has since become a cultural hub in the Soho neighborhood, with a strong online presence that has extended its reach far and wide.

The "Spirits" exhibit at Art Gotham is a testament to the gallery's commitment to fostering emerging contemporary artists and celebrating the vibrant atmosphere of Soho. This unique group exhibit unites a diverse group of artists, each with their own distinctive styles and interpretations of the color red.

Featured artists at "Spirits" include:

​- Louis Angel
​- Anne Bedrick
​- Amsler Damask
​- Kimberly Dawnly
​- Phoebe Jamieson
​- Matthew Langley
​- Karen Mullane
​- Lorna Ritz
​- Aurora Robson
​- Melissa Schainker
​- Joseph Stabilito  

The exhibit promises to be a visual delight for all art enthusiasts and offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of abstract art through the lens of these talented creators.

"Spirits," the compelling title of our group art exhibit, captures a dual essence that extends beyond the visual spectrum. It not only signifies the rich palette of red tones gracing the canvases—ranging from ruby and crimson to cadmium—but also encapsulates the intangible collective energy of diverse artists. This showcase serves as a harmonious gathering, uniting creators under a common theme that goes beyond color, embodying community, unity, and interconnectedness within the art world. The term "Spirits" takes on multiple dimensions, symbolizing both the celebration of individual artistic voices collaborating under a shared thematic umbrella and the dynamic convergence of vibrant red hues. Join us in this immersive celebration, where the artists' intrepid spirits infuse the gallery space with creativity, diversity, and a shared passion for artistic expression.

The "Spirits" exhibit will be open to the public starting Saturday, December 2, at Art Gotham, located at 478 West Broadway in Soho, NYC. Art lovers and collectors are invited to visit and experience the captivating world of abstract art.  Please join us at the reception on Thursday, December 21st at 5pm - 6:30 pm to meet the artists and to discuss their work.