Collection: A Group Exhibit | AB EX: Bigger is Better


Art Gotham is thrilled to announce its latest group exhibition, "AB EX: Bigger is Better," showcasing a remarkable collection of extra-large abstract paintings. This vibrant and dynamic show is an homage to the second generation of the New York School, celebrating their bold vision and innovative spirit.

"AB EX: Bigger is Better" features works from a diverse group of contemporary artists, each pushing the boundaries of size and scale in abstract expressionism. The exhibition pays tribute to the audacious creativity and larger-than-life canvases that defined the New York School’s second wave, bringing a fresh and exciting perspective to this influential art movement.

Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the expansive and powerful artworks that fill Art Gotham’s gallery space. The show promises to be a visual feast, with each piece offering a unique and compelling exploration of color, form, and emotion.

@spencil  Spencer Alexander
@dayana_beisenova Dayana Beisenova
@annebedrick Anne Bedrick
@billburnsdesign Bill Burns
@kimberlydawnly kimberly Dawnly
@jamesfishersmith James Fisher-Smith
#briangormly Brian Gormly
@abstractgreg C. Gregory Gummersall
@verolawlor Veronica Lawlor
@DeirdreImus Deirdre Imus
@ phoebe_jamieson Phoebe Jamieson Tal Placido
@frankpalettastudio Frank Paletta
@robertsantoreart Robert Santoré

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