Collection: A Group Exhibit | Pretty Pink Abstracts

Art Gotham is delighted to announce its latest group exhibition, "Pretty Pink Abstract," now on view at our Soho location at 478 West Broadway. This captivating show explores the multifaceted nature of the color pink, showcasing a diverse collection of abstract paintings that celebrate its emotional depth and feminine allure.

"Pretty Pink Abstract" features the works of talented contemporary artists who have embraced the challenge of interpreting the color pink in innovative and thought-provoking ways. The exhibition highlights the versatile properties of pink, a color often associated with love, compassion, and sensitivity, while also challenging traditional notions of femininity and strength.

From soft pastels to vibrant magentas, the artworks in this show explore the full spectrum of pink, creating an immersive and visually stunning experience. Each piece invites viewers to connect with the emotions and meanings that pink can evoke, offering a fresh and contemporary take on this timeless color.

Melissa B Benedek @melissabenedek_art
Lorie Caval @lorie_caval_studio 
Kimberly Dawnly @kimberlydawnly
C. Gregory Gummersall @abstractgreg
Jimmy Hall @jimmyhallart
Phoebe Jamieson @phoebe_jamieson
Veronica Lawlor @verolawlor
Dunja Messer-Jourdain @dunja_newyork
Tal Placido @talplacidoart
Allie Wright @artterrosa

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