Collection: A Group Exhibit | Summer in the City

Art Gotham is excited to announce its latest group exhibition, "Summer in the City," featuring unique interpretations of urban summer life on 24x24 inch canvases. This vibrant show highlights the creativity and diversity of over 30 artists, each bringing their personal vision of summer in the city to life.

"Summer in the City" offers a refreshing and dynamic exploration of urban summertime scenes, capturing the essence of city life during the warmest months. From bustling streets and serene parks to colorful festivals and quiet moments, each artwork reflects the artist's unique perspective and creative flair.

Visitors are invited to explore these captivating pieces, all of which have been created in the past three months specifically for this exhibition. The show promises a delightful and immersive experience, showcasing the talent and imagination of a diverse group of artists.

Dayana Beisenova @dayana_beisenova
Svetlana Askenazy
Annette Back @annettebackfineart
Nora Balaban @noratimbila
Beth Barry @bethbarryartist
Kitty Boots @kittybootstylist
Kitty Boots @kittybootsstylist
Jean Marie Bucich @jeanmariebucich
Bill Burns @billburnsdesign
Dana Costantino @danacostantinonyc
Kimberly Dwnly @kimberlydawnly
Rick Gerwitz @rickg1111
Kenny Grant @kugrantartwork
Kat M Hamilton @katm_fineart
JacobIe Z @JacobIeZ
Daniel Jay @danjaynyc
Angie Kiehne @kiehnecreative
Jill Krutick @jillkrutickfineart  
V. Hunter McKenzie @vhmckenzie
Karen Mullane @kmullaneart
Jeffrey Pearson
Eric Purkis @al_e_gorey
Kami Richmond
Kami Richmond @adventuring_wild_heart
Nataliia Rini
Gail Sarasohn @gailsarasohn
Sobel Unibe @sobeluribe
Greta Watson @greta_watson
Allie Wright @artterrosa
Dr. Whom One @_whomoner_

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