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Art Gotham Presents: Azure Explorations - A Vivid Journey Through Abstract Art

New York, NY – In the bustling heart of Soho, Art Gotham is set to unveil Azure Explorations, a captivating group exhibit that explores the profound depths and emotional resonance of the color blue through abstract art. This carefully curated collection, featuring the works of seven distinct artists, will be on display from Tuesday, March 5th, to Sunday, April 7th. Art enthusiasts and collectors are warmly invited to the opening reception on Thursday, March 7th, from 5 pm to 6:30 pm, at Art Gotham's vibrant gallery space located at 478 West Broadway, Soho, NY 10012.

About the Exhibit

Azure Explorations
dives into the thematic exploration of the color blue, a hue that evokes feelings of serenity, depth, and infinity. The exhibit aims to showcase how each artist interprets this versatile color through their unique lens, translating it into abstract works that span from the introspective to the expansive. The versatility of blue is fully embraced, reflecting its capacity to convey a range of emotions and narratives, from the calmness of the ocean to the vastness of the sky.

Featured Artists

- Beth Barry (@bethbarryartist) integrates the landscapes of her mind with the emotional landscapes of her heart, creating interpretive pieces that resonate with viewers on a deeply personal level. Her featured work, "Claw," an acrylic on canvas, invites the observer to explore the emotional depth and tranquility associated with the color blue. Barry's art is atestament to her journey as a landscape artist, curator, and psychotherapist, demonstrating her profound ability to capture the 'feeling' of spaces through her art. []

- Melissa Benedek (@melissabenedek_art) presents two pieces, "Learning To Fly" and "Leaves Me Breathless," which utilize acrylic, pastel, and pencil to explore themes of liberation and introspection. Her works serve as an invitation to wander through the azure expanses, reflecting on personal growth and the breathless moments of life's journey.

- Bill Burns (@billburnsdesign), through his "Voyage Series," explores the transformative nature of art. His vibrant compositions in acrylic on canvas reflect on human experience and the powerful role art plays in reshaping perspectives. Burns' series is a narrative journey through the dynamic aspects of the color blue, showcasing his eclectic style honed through years of creative exploration.

- Kimberly Dawnly (@kimberlydawnly), an artist from New York City, presents "Someone to Love" from her "Chromesthesia" series, where classic Rock and Roll is reimagined into vibrant abstract oil paintings. This series explores chromesthesia—a condition where sounds trigger visual colors—providing a unique blend of music and visual art. Dawnly's work, especially in pieces like "Someone to Love," exemplifies her pioneering approach to merging sound with sight, inviting viewers on a synesthetic journey that enriches the relationship between music and art. With her bold use of color and dynamic compositions, Dawnly pushes beyond traditional artistic boundaries to offer an immersive sensory experience brimming with energy and emotion.[]

- Phoebe Jamieson (@phoebe_jamieson) shares her fascination with storytelling through "One Bumbling Step at a Time" and "Inwardly Unfolding." Her works, rooted in acrylic on canvas, delve into the narrative potential of abstract forms, inviting viewers to engage with the complexities of our shared humanity and the emotive depth of blue.

- Karen Mullane (@kmullaneart) explores the depth and complexity of blue through "Mother Earth" and "Flag of Convenience." Her intricate oil paintings, rich in layers and diverse palettes, encourage viewers to immerse themselves in the nuances of form and color, reflecting Mullane's dedication to engaging audiences with the intricacies of her art.

- Tal Placido (@makefulbehavior) examines identity and heritage through "closer to the sea," a mixed media piece on vintage linen. Placido's work is a poignant exploration of her experiences as a first-generation Filipino-American, utilizing the color blue to navigate themes of vastness, memory, and connection. [](

Azure Explorations represents Art Gotham's ongoing commitment to fostering emerging talents and providing a platform for artists to showcase their work. The exhibit is a celebration of the color blue's multifaceted beauty, inviting viewers to embark on a journey through the abstract landscapes crafted by these talented artists.

Join us at Art Gotham for Azure Explorations.