Collection: Stanley Philoche


Guy Stanley Philoche was born in Haiti in 1977. In 1980, when he was three years old, his family immigrated to the United States, settling in Connecticut. When Philoche's family first arrived in the United States, the family faced extreme poverty, and Guy himself found it difficult to adjust to a new country and a new language. Guy spoke French, and he learned English through watching cartoons and reading comics. Despite these difficulties, Philoche's childhood was happy. His fond memories of the board games he and his family played every Sunday after dinner were the inspiration for an entire series of Philoche's paintings, entitled the Game Series. His first drawings were of Disney characters, whom he still reproduces in his paintings. All of these childhood experiences were a major influence on Philoche's life and art.

One of three brothers, Philoche was the only member of the family not to pursue a traditional career path. Instead, his drawings of Disney characters and visits to museums (especially a visit to an art museum in the Third Grade), led Philoche to the realization that he wanted to be an artist. Philoche left home after high school to start his formal education as an artist. Against the wishes of his family, he attended the Paier College of Art, where he supported himself by working during his studies. Afterwards, Philoche attended the Yale University School of Art.

Around 2000, Philoche relocated from Connecticut to New York City with the contents of a backpack as his only possessions. Philoche still lives and works in the City today. It was in New York that Philoche's career as a professional artist began.